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To read our church COVID-19 information booklet please click the link below.

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COVID-19 Information Booklet BCF COVID-19 Risk Assessment

We hope to be able to resume services on Sunday 2nd May. All of the necessary preparations for this have been made and our COVID-19 risk assessment and other information can be found below.


Once we resume services please note that in order to ensure that we do not exceed maximum capacity and adhere to social distancing requirements numbers will be limited. Members and regular attenders of BCF will be pre-allocated seats and visitors will be admitted on a first come, first served basis until maximum capacity is reached.


If you wish to join with us on a Sunday morning, please contact 01262 606917 or 07900223573 to check availability and book your place.

COVID-19 Update 2nd November 2020


As many of you will know by now, places of worship will be closed for the next 4 weeks under the new COVID-19 lockdown restrictions. Obviously this means that we will be unable to resume services as planned on Sunday 8th November. This is disappointing but we must remember that the Lord is sovereign over all things. The words of Proverbs 19:21 come to mind: 'Many are the plans in a man's heart, but it is the Lord's purpose that prevails.' Let us continue to especially pray that we would know patience, long-suffering, and contentment in the face of the inconveniences that lie ahead, but be encouraged and strengthened by knowing that God has, is and will always be sovereign and faithful. May we know His help and strength to willingly obey the coronavirus advice and restrictions both for our own good and the good of others and in so doing provide a Christian witness to a watching world. Pray also that in this new period of lockdown many will come to Christ because they have been shaken out of false security by all that we have experienced and are experiencing as a result of the coronavirus pandemic. For the next 4 weeks we will continue to provide weekly packs including a service booklet, Bible study and prayer points and will also upload the sermons to YouTube. We pray that we may be able to meet together at New Pasture Lane Community Centre soon but this is by no means certain. We will update you as to future plans as and when we know more. As we cope with more uncertain times ahead let us continue to remember our verse for the year from 1 Chronicles 16:11: 'Look to the Lord and his strength; seek his face always.'

COVID-19 Update 29th November 2020


As many of you will be aware the current situation regarding the COVID-19 lockdown is changing on Wednesday December 2nd, when our part of the country will move into Tier 3 of restrictions. As part of the lifting of lockdown the Government has agreed that places of worship can re-open with all the appropriate COVID-secure measures in place. I have been very aware of the desire of many folk to get back to some form of physical worship and understand that the longer the lockdown goes on, the more pressing this has become and so have been in touch with New Pasture Lane Community Centre. Unfortunately the situation here is that due to Government restrictions on the use of community centres we are not able to resume services on Sunday 6th December. However, providing our Tier level drops when the Government reviews this on Wednesday 16th December, we will be able to start meeting together again and so are provisionally aiming to re-commence services at the beginning of January. Other possibilities for meeting together during the interim period have also been considered but it has not been possible to arrange anything else. I know that this news will be disappointing to many, but I would stress that all with whom I have been in contact about the possibility of us meeting together are seeking to do the best that they can in the prevailing circumstances and to act as fairly as possible. This situation does also remind us that we are not in control of circumstances but God is. In all these frustrations He knows what He is doing and we must continue to trust Him as we look to the future. One of the most important phrases in the New Testament helps to encourage us in situations such as this. It is: at just the right time. The proper context for this is about our salvation and Paul writes in Romans 5:6: 'You see, at just the right time, when we were still powerless, Christ died for the ungodly.' Timing is everything. The timing of Jesus coming into the world as a baby, growing to be a Man and then suffering and dying on the cross at specific points in history were no accident. All these were planned way ahead by God in His sovereign view of salvation. He knew exactly the right time to act to save us and as we look back over our Christian lives many of us can also see how God has acted at just the right time in situations that we have had to face. The same is true of waiting to meet together physically in our ‘new home’. These things will be accomplished through God’s sovereign power and at just the right time. May we be encouraged that even in our frustrations that our sovereign God is still at work and so bring our prayers to Him in faith, trusting that His will would be done in Bridlington as it is in heaven.

COVID-19 Update 27th February 2021


As you will all know, the Government have now published their roadmap out of lockdown. Under this roadmap the re-opening of community centres is Stage 2, which will be no earlier than 12th April. The earliest we could therefore start services at New Pasture Lane Community Centre is Sunday 18th April.  However, this would give us less than a week to get everything ready and so the Elders propose that we look to resuming services on Sunday 2nd May in order to allow adequate time to ensure that all the required COVID-19 safety measures are in place. For the present time, we will continue to provide and deliver weekly service booklets etc and upload sermons to YouTube. Once again, thank you for your continuing patience and perseverance during this time. Do pray that we will be able to re-sume services in May and for God’s wisdom and guidance as we work towards this.